Tuesday, October 11, 2011

DC increases comic industry sales by 1.1 million additional books!

So the September 2011 numbers from the Mayo Report are here.

But here is the greatest is the greatest achievement by DC on behalf of the whole comic book industry, and something to pay attention to:

- DC increased their sales by 1.1 million books, compared to sales in the previous months
- The numbers of Marvel month to month are unchanged, in fact they continue to grow moderately.
- The numbers of all other retailers as a whole are unchanged
- Therefore, DC brought 1.1 million new (or additional within the current reading population) readers to the comic book industry, a 17% increase for the whole industry.

That is HUGE. And of course, it will be interesting to see how the numbers for October and November look, considering drops from speculators and only #1 buyers. But if DC managed to bring in even half of that number of new purchasers to the comic book industry, that is an increase of almost 9% and that is something to commend.

Let's see how the coming months play out, but in the mean time well done DC!

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