Sunday, April 3, 2011

Butcher Maker The Righteous Maker #1

Story: John Casey
Art and cover:
Mike Huddleston
Image Comics
Publication Date:
March 30, 2011

The Good. Riding on a wave of intriguing teasers by Image, BBRM issue 1 sold out this week, adn rightfully so. The writing here is absurd and hilarious, the lines are the stuff of legend and no wonder Image had plenty of material to use in those teasers. This is hilarity unrestrained. Thinking long term, there seems to be a universe of both past history and future, with a menacing gallery of rogues (who may or may not have died in the explosion) as well as whatever else there is in this conspiracy to bring Butcher back out of retirement. C'mon, there is always a conspiracy when they bring one of these heroes back out from retirement. 

The Bad. Very little to complain about here, since this is a nearly perfect issue one. There are equal amounts of positive and negative that could be attributed to the tribute to Captain America and the Comedian being so in-your-face obvious, but it is incredibly well done. However, it does set a high standard of what to expect from this issue onward. The reference to the Comedian brings us back to 1985 when Watchmen was shocking, in an entirely different way than this is shocking. And yet, it makes you wonder, will this continue to be this good? Does this story have legs? Does this universe have legs? Time will tell.

The Quotes:

The whole book is quotable! But again, with Image using all the excellent lines from the first issue in their teaser campaign, all these lines have kind of been elevated to the level of myth. Will the writing continue to be this good? If so, it will be quoted on this blog.

The Verdict: A

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