Thursday, April 21, 2011

Thor & Loki: Blood Brothers

The good: Despite the title, this is not a story about Thor. This is a story about Loki and about figuring out who he is, after millennia of conflict as he rules over Asgard and prepares for the execution of Thor. A brilliant conclusion is arrived upon towards the end where he states “I am just Loki, and I’m alone”. His relationship with Thor is the other underlying factor, with Loki defeating and ready to kill “the only one who loved him” because he stopped doing so. The whole journey of self-discovery meets a tragic end as the story closes, and we find Loki in familiar ground, while we retain a distinctly different perspective provided by the story we have witnessed. This is Shakespearean and theatrical genius in the writing of Robert Rodi from every angle: a story about brothers, fathers, betrayal and the rise and fall of kings, and a story about lessons learned too late. The art by Esad Ribic is of course epic, gritty and gorgeous at every turn. The voice casting is impeccable from beginning to end, all the more impressive considering that there is a huge cast of very well-played secondary characters.

The bad: While most portions of the animation process are stunning, some seem to faulter and look awkward. Particularly when it comes to lip motion. Sif looks amazing, in the dark dungeon as her conversation with Loki makes you feel you’re stting right there with them. But the story of Loki’s mother, as seen coming from her lips looks somewhat anatomically impossible.

Final grade: A+

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