Saturday, August 27, 2011

The 'Other' New 52

So, more and more it seems that the new 52 is ballooning into way more than just 52 new titles. Of course, some of these titles could be limited series (Batman Inc), but some involve characters not listed in the current DCnU 52 that should certainly be missed (Ahem! Stephanie Brown! Ahem! Power Girl!). Let us not forget that according to 2 separate polls by CBR, most books seems to have an inverted bell-shape curve in terms of interest (with either people really excited about them or really hating the idea) and that the only clear winners are a handful of familiar titles (Batman, Green Lantern, Justice League).

I've decided it's a good time to venture some guesses regarding who else will be coming in the fall 2011 and in 2012 to be part of the DCnU roster. Feel free to contribute your thoughts and rumors to this post. Let's start with #53:

53. Huntress #1 (confirmed in solicits)
54. T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents #1 (confirmed in solicits)
55. Batman Inc. #1 (2012 release confirmed by Morrison at The Source)
56. Batman Beyond #1 (2012 release confirmed in the last issue of Batman Beyond)
57. Justice Society of America #1 (2012 release confirmed at the Source)

and here the list starts getting sketchy, based on suppositions from strong titles/characters not present in the announced DCnU, as well as hints in books.

58. Spoiler #1 (starring Steph Brown, maybe based on a DiDio announcement)
59. Superman Beyond #1 (based on his return to Metropolis in Superman Beyond #0)
60. Power Girl #1
61. Xombi #1
62. Secret Six #1

and beyond this point the list gets sketchier with characters present in the DCnU that could still get their own titles:

63. Booster Gold #1
64. Zatanna #1
65. Deadman #1
66. Jonah Hex #1
67. Donna Troy #1

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  1. From a discussion I started at CBR on the same topic (, check for the discussion and for the origin of some of these additional books people would like to see:

    Shazam/Captain Marvel
    Omega Men (by DnA)
    Warlord (with art by someone more like Bennett than Sears)
    Amethyst (by Simone)
    Gotham Central
    Sandman Mystery Theater
    Shazam/Captain Marvel
    Adam Strange
    Power Girl
    Blue Devil
    Doom Patrol
    Sea Devils
    Challengers of the Unknown
    Mister Miracle
    Dr. Fate
    Secret Six
    Booster Gold
    Human Target
    Night Force
    Batman Inc spinoffs
    Infinity Inc
    Doom Patrol
    The Outsiders (starring Blackbat & Spoiler)
    Red Robin
    The Question
    Plastic Man
    Secret Six
    The Atom
    Adventure Comics
    Freedom Fighters
    Hourman (Rick Tyler)
    The Power of Shazam!
    Dark Flash (Wally West)
    Nightwing & Flamebird (Bette Kane)
    Untold Tales of Robin
    Wild CATS (Wildstorm team with Ted Grant in it)
    Sinestro Corps
    Young Justice (Damian,Blue Beetle,Static,Wally,Miss Martian,Supergirl,Aquagirl
    Gotham Girls
    Gotham Central
    Daily Planet
    Stargirl and Jakeem Thunder team series
    Richard Dragon
    Power Girl
    Dial H for Hero
    Mr. Unknown
    Washington (political thriller)
    MI:9 (Brittania, Grifter, Canterbury Cricket, Etrigan, Hyde,)
    Black Lightning