Saturday, September 17, 2011

Miles Morales takes the DCnU to School

In an effortless demonstration, Miles Morales showed the DCnU how to release an awesome #1 issue this week. What a wonderful issue #1, showing a whole new origin story filled with intrigue and interesting characters and the discovery of powers that will even shock people that have known Spider-Man for decades. DC should take note: you don't need a mass relaunch to produce a high quality book. You need good writing, good characters and good art. Check, check and check.

The one notable exception on the DC end was Batwoman #1. My gosh, what a beautiful book, and clearly the only book that can put Ultimate Spider-Man in second place this week (more on that later). But the fact that it's this particular point reinforces the point: this book pretty much existed in this form 8 months ago, before the DCnU reboot. This book is just good and did not need the reboot to be good, it exists in a space of excellence all of its own. 

Interesting that two books this week, one from DC and one from Marvel, can show so clearly how unnecessary the DC reboot is in terms of putting out good books and good number 1 issues, yelling from their beautiful pages "That's how it's done!"

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  1. If we extend this to my third favorite book of the week, Green Lantern #1, we're are talking about perhaps the one book consciously written after the reboot (unlike Batwoman) that is the least affected by the reboot since it picks up exactly where the previous arc left off.