Friday, September 16, 2011

Random thoughts on Week 2 of the DCnU

The new DCnU continues to raise questions, and here are some as I'm preparing reviews for this week's issues #1:
  1. Is Red (in Superboy #1) a Luthor? All signs point to maybe!
  2. With Batman Inc in full swing (as indicated in Batman and Robin #1) is it public knowledge that Bruce Wayne funds the Batman? If so, why does the Batman continue to seem like this force of nature Gotham is still getting used to?
  3. Amanda Waller was awesome as she was before. This sexified, younger, skinny new version stinks and does not help a book (Suicide Squad #1) already swimming in mediocrity. Is the DCnU not going to have any adult figures with everyone getting young-ified?
  4. Is Renee Montoya dead? Or is she just in a list of officers outside of the office. Very hard to tell, and very nicely left up in the air since this book as originally to be in the "old" DCU.

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