Saturday, March 26, 2011

FF #1

The good. A well-written starting point, and a full transition issue for everyone involved. We get to see how everyone continues their own personal mourning process, while not abandoning the plot developed in the last issues of the Fantastic Four and adding some intriguing new concerns for the team (Wizard's release is incredibly well-plotted from a writer's point of view, down to the eventual reveal of who is actually being released). Most importantly, (SPOILER ALERT) Valeria lets Reed into her plan, moving that piece of the plot forward, although it's not clear to me the full extent of the reveal.
The bad. For such a well-written issue, I felt there were a few continuity inconsistencies. For example, Spidey’s arrival echoes his arrival in Amazing Spider-Man #657 (coming up March 30) which is supposed to take place between Fantastic Four #588 and FF#1 (and incidentally is a welcome tribute to Amazing Spider-Man #1), and the mourning process here seems to be inconsistent with what happens in ASM657. I know we are talking about different books and different writers, but something is going to feel off with readers of both books. Also, I'm still not sure of what the Reed-Nathaniel dynamics add to the whole story, and pace-wise it felt like the weakest of the moments. I also was more interested to hear what Nathaniel had been up to, rather than finding out about his culinary abilities.

Random thoughts:
  • "Hey… hear that uncle Doom?"
  • Hilarious grace sequence at dinner
  • Love the new suits more than I thought I would (except Ben's, of course), and the explanation for the colors. Also, since we get a teaser of yet another variant of Spider-man's suit that we'll get to see before long.
  • I'm going to come out and say it: an oddly-chosen and incredibly weak cover art for such an event. The variant cover by Daniel Acuña should have been the way to go, since the art is far superior (it has a sense of classic heroes -a la Darwyn Cooke), and it actually includes everyone that is now involved with the Future Foundation. 
Final grade: B+

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