Monday, March 14, 2011

Young Justice - "Bereft"

The Good. Michael Chang does wonders to keep the action rolling as director of this episode. I have been a fan of his work in Batman The Brave and the Bold, where he mixes action and humor in what I consider the best episodes of that show. In his third take on the Young Justice series, he does just that. From the segue of the team trying to switch their suits' color like Kid Flash (which leads to the best punchline from Artemis in the whole series thus far), to Robin's fight sequence (which could have happened on any alley of Gotham or Bludhaven). Storywise, a few reveals were very exciting, like the boom tube appearance towards the episode's end and a few teasers from Artemis' previous life. 
The Bad. After the stunning run the series has had since its start, this episode feels a little bit like a lull. If the memory loss had served a higher purpose, like really emphasizing what would have been different with the team members without everything they have learned in the past two months. I would have loved to get a better glimpse of what Artemis' previous life was like in the reconstruction of their memories. Just a glimpse for teaser’s sake! She did seem pretty appalled to have something resembling a Green Arrow costume on her, so that will hopefully lead into something more.
Personal highlights:
- I'll say it again: BOOM TUBES! (and in partnership with The Light)
- Tactile telekinesis gets introduced - or at least it seems to be that way, considering the artifact's activity and ability to communicate with Superboy got enhanced only with Superboy’s biorythms, to which Psimon muses “Interesting”. 
- I'm curious to see if the appearance of Psimon is a precedent to the Fearsome Five.
- Ninja clans? Interesting reference to Artemis’ dad’s “stupid tests”, although I would have preferred “games” (if indeed her father is Sportsmaster). 
- Also, kind of interesting to see Superboy as a version of Hulk in this episode. The grunts, the attacks on the tanks, and the pants-only attire- all it was missing was a "Superboy Smash!" or a "Superboy is strongest there is!"
Final Grade: B-

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