Monday, March 14, 2011

Venom #1

The good. “Venom” gets rebooted with an intense and ominous first issue. A well-written first entry for Flash Thompson as he struggles under the cloak of Venom and the multilayered implications in his personal life. The similarities with Soldier Zero are apparent, although the plethora of myth behind Flash’s persona and what we know about the symbiote make this far more interesting. Most of the action involves a well-scripted encounter with a very menacing Jack O’ Lantern with twists and turns throughout the fight, that leave no clear winners and leave the reader asking for more. This is followed by a series of scenes in which Flash, his past, his present and his future are dramatically outlined, in scenes that could be in an award winning script. 

The bad. Not much really to complain about, because the story is so strong. The art was slightly inconsistent at times, even though it kept a sense of darkness and sadness much needed for this issue. And in this regard, the expressions of every character may have stayed in the same “facial modality” as in the very first scenes, which works for effect but leaves you wondering if there will be any characters drawn differently or if the mood will be the same regardless of what situation Flash will find himself in. 

Final grade: A-

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