Saturday, March 26, 2011

Green Lantern #64

The good. First thing you'll notice is the stunning art, and we are reminded of it from the very useful intro for newcomers, to the stunning spread of Krona with the entities. The writing is spot on as always, great timing and delivery from all characters, including the characters that appear briefly before being blown/transported into oblivion (see Sinestro). A very powerful ending, that leaves the open question of whether there will be a little bit history repeating itself. Will Krona lead the GL Corps to the same path he led the Manhunters? Great dire straits to leave Hal at, and a great moment to switch channels to see what's going on on Green Lantern Corps #58.

The bad. Aside from highlights and moments for long-time GL readers, not much happens really. The pieces of this chess game keep on moving and now Hal Jordan is officially in a corner (some pieces are missing, some are out of sight). This also may be a minor complaint, but shouldn't the Ion-possessed guardian look a little more like the representations of Ion we have seen before (Kyle, Sodam)? The Ophidian, Butcher and Predator possesions look spot on, for comparison purposes, so it's hard not to look for the same in Ion.

Random thoughts:

  • Speaking of chess pieces, and if we go back to Hank Henshaw and Lyssa Drak's involvement in this, there are a lot of them - was the missing Ganthet part of Krona's plan the whole time, for a final count of 6 guardians for six entities, leaving Parallax to return to the green lantern power battery? Or were we supposed to see a repeat of Green Lantern Rebirth? 
  • Is Hal Jordan destined to fail like all the other Guardian's failures (the first lantern, Krona, Sinestro)? Or is he different in some way because he has embraced (at odds with the Guardians) what they fear but usually saves the day? 
  • You have to wonder what will Sinestro do with the book’s info. You know that's not going to be left at that, and it's hard not to root for him. 
  • Lastly, a wacky thought. Has Parallax been controlling Krona this whole time? Their eyes and smile look almost identical right before Parallax “goes home”. Parallax creepy and ominous first words inside the central power battery (“My precious Hal”) almost indicates that the whole mission was about this particular moment.
Final grade: B+

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